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You feel alone, you want to cry
Why so much sadness in your eyes?
You look fragile, but you're so strong
Appearances can be so wrong

You feel alone, you want to cry
And all your friends are wondering why
The only one who understands you
Is far away, and oh so lonely, too

And you are such a hero, girl
You don't believe in yourself
One day it will be behind
And you'll have some peace of mind
And then finally you all will reach the end

You feel alone, you want to cry
You’d like to calm your virtual side
And you’ve fighting against these thoughts
And when you’ve finished you’re done once more

You feel alone, you want to cry
When will you meet your perfect guy?
Who’ll stick by you and understand you
And never question where you’re going to

fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Yumi Katina

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