Gretchen My Captain del álbum 'Open Letter to the Damned'

Gretchen My Captain

As Fast As

La canción 'Gretchen My Captain' se estrenó en 2006. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Open Letter to the Damned


Frost on the port hole
it doesn’t look so angry after all
we’re low on water
it was a one-way mission after all

Gretchen my captain
so strong I never noticed your blue eyes
never look hungry
I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised

what would your mother say to that
if she found out about your friends
what would your father think
if he knew you and I have before and will again

I find it painful
to see your face and finally know that I
don’t have what you need
I never will, not even up so high

six months till we die
you love me
yes I know
and so do I

red rock, like concrete
can swing into my side and change your mind
you know it can but


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