Hilltop Hoods

Letra de la canción

She’s young live and homely wise by no means
Known one guy she’s for his eyes and only
He’s a lying phony leaves cry and lonely
Separates the pain by staying high and though she
Might just owe the high price to go free
This ain’t living this in its dying slowly
She can chase that feeling don’t chase that feeling.


Sometimes I feel we strive through a life of apathy
Callous deeds of the mindless acts of greed
And jack for free; I think they try a tax to breathe
Just let me fight to remind us that we bleed
I take flight in the night from lack of sleep
Cos peace of mind’s the only time that we’re free
And I’ma chase that feeling we all chase that feeling.
It’s like they try to build you up to watch it all collapse
Try to climb out the pit they’ll try to claw you back
Like back in the factory packing the shelves
It was hell cos the foreman was always harassing me like
How’s your little old music thing going? Now I’m like
Hows your bitter old loser shit going? And I’m right
And I’ma chase that feeling I’ma chase that feeling like.


At a young age I was making my mark chasing my start
Forever ain’t enough when you’re state of the art
F*** the haters that have said I’d never make it this far
It’s the pavers that I tread that dedicate to my craft
I’ve tailored every threat to bare the shape of my heart
Treating every breath as my first and day as my last
I still chase that feeling; yeah I still chase that feeling.
I ride the rails of a vinyl track
Fall into a trance and there ain’t no climbing back
Sit and lose myself in all the hidden loops
They’re like forbidden fruits I’m like can I get a bite of that?
Gin and juice I get loose and I write a track
Shivers down my spine feeling more like a spinal tap
And I’ma chase that feeling I’ma chase that feeling.


At the start of summer I’ma
Come to life and have the heart of a humming bird
And I can hear the drummer
And she’s so ugly but I’m so in love with her
Wake up roll outta bed throw on some roll-on
Roll up to the studio it’s got a hold on me
And I’ma chase that feeling chase that feeling.

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR (#58)

Hilltop Hoods
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