Letra de la canción

All these years of false smiles
All these years of silence
Seven years of held back tears...

At last, beginning of this end.
No more hand, no more arm, no more life.
Seven years of false smiles
Seven years of forced silence.

So, comes this cruel happy moment.
No more will, no more arm but still pain.

I don't think they know what I did for us
I don't think they want to know.
I let life abandon Me, I let death enter Me.

I can't stay, I have to leave
You love me so much to see Me dying.

Why am I still there on this bed?
Why do I prevent My son from living?
Whay can't I stop this suffering...

You're wasting by illness, why to live?
You won't be happy anymore.

No one's forcing you to live... Keep dying
Life is useless... Keep dying
I don't think they'll understand... One day.

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#305)

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