Gucci Mane

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Shawty got a full swag
And she got a fat ass
I can't let dat ass pass
So gone get dat ass fast
I got so much cash
Baby I keep rats
Baby got swag jack
And baby got back man

[Verse 1]
Whip Chamberlin call me Mr. Perfect
Shawty got an ass man her shape is gorgeous
She perfect
No she is not a virgin
She frost bit
Her earrings cost a fortune
This is another ZT recording
50 grand a check so you cant afford it
Aint no pussy I cant afford
Got a Chevy got a O's Hummer a Ford
She gorgeous, flawless
Baby you're perfect
Gucci Mane say I look better in person
Album, Mr. Perfect baby
Gotta be perfect to f*** with Radric
Radric Davis my AKA is
Whip Chamberlin, Im ballin baby
Whip bracelet, ring, Gucci necklace
Whip Chamberlin, damn Im flexin


[Verse 2]
Rich man shit girl damn ya husband
Im Gucci get money while ya man's a hasband
I love bad bitches so Im a lesbian
I rather have thick but she fine Im drillin
Pill get in and she started to vibrate
Icy as a polar bear
I need to go hibernate
This California cutie keep on hitting my MySpace
Say she wanna fly in
She gotta ?
Shawty we kicked it
Her ass more bigger than Buffy the Bushy
I mean Buffy the Body
I fuc*** her
A couple mo hoes dats nothing


[Verse 3]
Big booty girls love ballin niggaz
Every show I do my ego gets bigger
Every feature my bank row gets swoller
Polar bear pinkys man my fingers colder
Wanna be like Gucci when I grow older
A young man said like a boss suppose to
All dat ass girl you a poster
Didnt I see you last night at Strokers
30 grand gone call it self promotion
Ass everywhere call it self indulgent
Shawty got a ass on her she bustin
Im not fuc***, stop the nonscence
I'll f*** yo girlfriend, I have no conscience
Shawty got a swag but I got the hundreds
All dat ass man Im astounded
She dropped it
I stood and looked there dumb-founded

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Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR (#50)

Gucci Mane
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