Canción 'Prayer to love' del disco 'Beauty Has Grace' interpretada por Jaci Velasquez

Prayer to love Letra

Jaci Velasquez

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PRAYER TO LOVE es una canción de Jaci Velasquez del año 2005, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Beauty Has Grace.

Letra 'Prayer to love'

When I'm in trouble, You rescue me
When I'm alone in my soul, You're here with me
Always unconditional when I need a friend
You hold me and You're strong, but gentle enough to bend
You know my name when I call, You don't forget me when I fall
You're my anchor, You're my wings
And I know You're listening

Love save me
Oh Lord make me
A reflection of Your love
Capture me, don't set me free
Surround me with Your love
Let me see through Your eyes, touch me with grace
When You color my world, it's such a beautiful place
I put all my faith in You, I'll go where You want me to
You'll be there with open arms
When I have a fragile heart


The closer I am to You lord
The nearer I am to love
Place the path to You before me
Keep Your hand above
This is my prayer to


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