Look out side - Natalia Lafourcade

Look out side

Natalia Lafourcade

Letra, canción


'Look out side'

I´ve got my read shoes on.
I decided to got into the woods with you.
I´ve got some tomatoes in my bag.
i have my headphones, napkins,
and your books

Give me your hands,
Give me your hands boy...
give me your arms,
give me your whole heart!

look, look at the blue sky!
look, look at the blue sky!

i´ve got all your lyrics in my book.
i´ve decided to lay on the grass
and read to you.
i´ve got some tomatoes in myu bag.
i´ve decided todo into the woods
and be with you.

look outside,
there is nobody
waiting for us.

Look outside!!

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