La conjura metralleta
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La conjura metralleta Letra

And they said ...
They want to get to where I am
They want more people to like me
I can not even compare to me I
They want to talk more, faster than I
But .. do not get it because they know that it is impossible
With the weapon of this caliber
Because I get so free
As the waves to reach the reefs
The beauty of nature is normal to be fixed
Find out who was born to vocalize well
Who let you on the floor effortlessly

Fijate with how much I'm going today chuleria toy
I know I'm still too far
For what, to me cojáis
If to get me up still remains a lifetime
Sort competitor not put anything easy

F*** you asshole if you see that I am much more agile
Of course the level [...] the years of practice but
untalented foundation
Where are you, where the hell they are
Everything you see, can not be compared to similar style

I'm still ahead of lots of unhappy
I follow behind privileged
If the plug? , Never plug
But I always knew that having power
leads to be envied

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LA CONJURA METRALLETA es una canción de Santaflow. Agradecemos a El MusicoLoco por haber sudido la letra de La conjura metralleta (en inglés).