Olivia Lufkin

Letra de la canción

You let go of my hand
You say you have important things to do
In search of something
Knocking in a faint sound

Ohh... The pain is burning your senses
Ohh... You're getting colder

Oh believe in me Oh believe in me
The magic you can create
If you only knew
You're forgetting me
Forgetting how to dream

Remember back then
When we played on the dandelion hill
Till the sunset
We didn't need anything else

Ohh... You're always protecting yourself
Ohh... Come here with me

Oh believe in me Oh believe in me
Do you ever feel this quietness inside?
That is where you'll find me
Nothing can erase me
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: ReiRa DesPeRo

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