Disco 'The Greyest of Blue Skies' (2000) al que pertenece la canción 'Bones + Joints'

Bones + Joints

Finger Eleven


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Cloud my eyes and tell me what to see
I'm falling
Every way I turn the same disease
But I like it

Brace myself and hit the wall with ease
I'm not minding the pain
I've been down here before

All my bones and joints are sore
Find my way out of the wreck again
I've been down here before
Lost myself and so much more

Find my way out of the game again
Open up my head and take it in
Just like always
Think about the bar and take a swing

Loaded trapeze
What you need the most from me is yours
I'll continue to deceive you my friend
You lost what made you you

Or maybe I never knew
I can't stay here anymore
Give it all or you're on your own

I will leave you
I will leave you
I will leave you
I will leave you

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