Movimiento Original

To the mundoo enterooo chileeeee
A rap a combo clap A rap stayl impose a tag
The fad gan bang back haciendolo badly
tranca the fetter with bloke sembro and go in baldosa
The alive and things in alive the mc destrosa estrofas

Preparing always something
again Doing rap doing scratch doing fire(chile)
Preparing always something of gueno
Doing rap the bi boy goes breaking the soil

Preparing always something again
I go Doing rap doing scratch doing fire(chile)
Preparing always something of well
A lapiz and a bi boyyy

From the chamber universe go travelling
My first mandamiento always follow training
to convert me in a Ninja sect infects alerta
That the crag approaches
Efe to pe since empeze dj tranze
The word that look for to the bebebe
Two double cero nueeve the new year already
comes By that the new talent already futile be born

Life sinta paints Pudahuel distinct life
Runs the tape mc eleven recycles the cycle toyour paints
Liricista from hortadoj until luchero love hip hop
In the list always apañando utopian track

Hip hop In all his essence and guerrillero unseen versus
In resistance from the dosmilcuatro one toone preisphone
excellence Like a centinela come amedia night with a wild
decible to leave you with level
With the wise mind me eriza the skin bomm boom
From the corner like a family joint the mc’s
As they visit the street the bombers with his lapiz
and esténcil mc combo clap sometimes
dj times estremece the vinyl agitating
the platillo like all type and aplana way

Sound and honey solido to the one
hundred by one hundred my bro my friend
capromuy well am mas pro with the
see the volume in the break new lover sensei the mc’s
next to the six six six feels cunfu Fanny flu this flows
north to south tide and the creates
cranean create this is a tour

pa All the mundoooooooo smell hip hop

This comes of chile bro
soldier of the gettho am I are
mas of ten are mas of one hundred are mas of one
thousand a lot mas that a millon ooo(bis)


Movimiento Original

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