Pichi Pichi Pitch

Cancion de sara
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Pichi Pichi Pitch


Cancion de sara Letra

At the last pageof story of fairis
whit a tragedy of new farewell
and i gave this faithful heart
to the only being that my soul
ever trusted

te love and the dreams aren´t
only brif and destroyed
sand castles before you,
i bet that´s what you wished

but i still can´t forget the song
that you were always singing
whenever i hear it i think that yesterday
back again some day

and that i go will come back and
i´m go to get free myself of
this chain what today subdue whit more sorrow
getfree my self coming back to the sea again

now it´s clear , now i know that love
willget any blockade
even i know itwill
change our destiny
yes i believe it

the strange star will switch off
in the end i will ignore it
as it never sees my wish

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