Kate Miller-Heidke

I Got The Way

Kate Miller-Heidke


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I got the way, the way has got me
Holding my hand peculiarly
Singing on the train and suddenly
When I look up they're staring at me

Swapping looks like 'What a freak'
And 'All this excitement in the middle of the week! '
Well I like to play the fool a little bit
Don't even know that I'm doing it

Since you left things've been changing
Chugging, chugging, chugging along
I've been busy rearranging
Where I get off and where I get on

We caught the same train every day
I'd seen you and you'd seen me
But we both didn't see it was an express
So we ended up heading way out west

It was late. We had to wait for ages til the next train came
You sat right up close to me
I could feel your bony knee

If you were here, I'd lean over and say
If you were here today
If you were here, I'd lean over and say
I got the way

I got the way, the way has got me
I still catch the 8.23
You sound distant on the phone
Distant in distance and in tone

It's so much better when we're together
Why don't you pack up, leave that weather
And come back home where it's always hot
Even when it's not

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