Letra de la canción

featuring Mia X

[Mac and Mia X talking]

So a check this Would you die for me?

Kinda question is that?

just asking a question Would you die for me?

Yeah nigga



I got a boss bitch and that's why I talk shit

She walk with switch

And she might smack you if you call her a bitch

She like them real niggas and hate fakes and recognize snakes

And i hit that pussy till it aches

And when she nutting she shakes

When niggas shot at me she bust back

She carry gatts, her arm tatted big Mac

A boss bitch she with that

A paper chaser got her job, got her own ride and own place

And she hate when them ho's be looking in my face

It's cool to fuck and she love

Grabbing on it in public

And quick to tell you

you ain't shit if you was quick when you nutted

Street educated

Keep her mouth shut when interrogated

She ain't a snitch bitch that'll get you incarcerated

ghetto fabolous drinched in her finest gear

Ice around fingers, around her wrist, around her neck, around her ear

And when we sex it's something viscous

That's why I love you more than them other bitches

ya heard me


That's my boss bitch, a boss bitch

Who you love daddy

A boss bitch, A boss bitch

What them niggas need

A boss bitch, A boss bitch

And what I'm I

A boss Bitch, A boss bitch

[Mia X]


All the time I keep my mind on money and all business that applies to me

But I gotta to have a boos hog nigga besides me

He confides in me cause he knows i ain't bout seeing him stress

I showed and proved that I can hold water on these 40D breasts

We been through so many warzones

But we made it back home

Singing that we won, we won

We shoot'em down, some gripping on chrome

I got him gone with bomb line between my thighs

I'ma rider, so i rides and we cruises all night

We hit the light baby boy it's just you and me

I don't care about your records or your lengthy wrap sheets

I want your babies to ride with Mama in the Merceedes

Them ho's is crazy trying to sweat you when they know I'm your lady

Suck my .380

O are run on up and get that ass wiped

Fuck the down low shit

Cause he ain't going nowhere bitch

This here is thick

So it won't be infultrated

Or playa hated

Cause that's the way this boss bitch made it

Mama Mia

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