Disco 'Home from Home' (2002) al que pertenece la canción 'Botanic Mistress'

Botanic Mistress



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I felt like Travis Bickle, tyrannical, lonely and blue
I don't know why I went to Botanical but there I met you
You made me go from blue to green just in time before I got a mohawk
When we're together I'd say we look like brooklime
And you can't talk or walk but I love your leafstalks

All I want to do
Is live my life with you
Tall you've gotta grow
I'll give you H2O
All I want to do
Is live a simple live here with you

You're way! I'll send no billet-doux!
If you rather want me to I'll buy a green house for you
You'll always be on the sunny side of my heart
I hope you don't dry out when we're apart
Hope you don't leave me in the cart!

As I said
I really hope that you don't leave me in the cart
Coz if you do dry out then that will truly break my heart
And I'll feel like Bickle once more
And maybe I will lose it,
go insane and start a gun war?!

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