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Call You Tonight Letra

Whitney Houston


Call You Tonight (Letra/Lyrics)

The stars must be aligned tonight
I believe this has to happen baby
Lightening had to strike to tonight
'Cause the two of us are finally meeting

In this place at this time
I feel sane when I look in your eyes
Feel like I know you from another life
It makes me wish I wasn't so pressed for time

I can't catch my breath 'cause you take it away
That's right, everytime could not find words to stay
Now there's so many things I wanna get to know
I wish that I could stay but I got to go

I'm gonna call you tonight
I will baby, just as soon as I get time alone
I'm gonna call you tonight, I will baby
Just as soon as I get home

That's the way it goes in life
You get busy when you just don't wanna
There's never enough time in your life
You have to make it baby, so I'm gonna

Make a way to connect
'Cause your face is what I can't forget
I feel like I know you from another life
It just makes me wish I wasn't so pressed for time

Destiny, I believe in it
Meant to be, don't you see it's possible
That for this kind of magic you think I'm having
And if you wanna know then you stay by the phone

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