Letra de la canción

mighty and erect is this will of mine,
rays of light illuminate me from within
blue and gold am I and red is in
my eyes, a consummation devoutly wished for...

the shredding of physical limitations,
a gazing into depths so metaphysical

love is death and death is life to
come, death will only be the dew of immortality

I have crushed an universe and naught remains
so that I may go unto men for the last time
and amongst them will my sun
set; in dying will I give them my choicest gift

love is death and death is life to
come, death implies change and individuality
love death therefore and long eagerly for it
kill thyself die daily neither of these alone is enough

I have achieved true existence,
the being of all thoughts come from my own
endless spirits wait for me to sculpt,
the clay of their mundane essence

Letra añadida por: sadistico 666 (#8.120)

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