Letra de la canción

immortal are the sagacious and yet they die daily

I write the secret of my
soul into the vaults of eternity
The ecstasy which it brings forth
accomplishes its own end

perfect in silence... a becoming!

through harmony of opposites,
without diffidence and interference
in accordance with my will,
the beginning of immortality

perfect in silence...without limits and all empty, there is a becoming!

merge into the great fire that consumes dust to ashes

fearful indeed is death, since all men fear it
but the abyss of questionings,
shoreless and bottomless, is worse
doubt bringeth folly whereof the end is madness
death maketh man a king; and this kingliness groweth unto godhood

perfect in silence... a becoming! perfect in silence...
without limits and all empty, there is a becoming!

Letra añadida por: sadistico 666 (#8.495)

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