Canción 'Already Home' del disco 'Welcome to the Masquerade' interpretada por Thousand Foot Krutch

Already Home Letra

Thousand Foot Krutch

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ALREADY HOME es una canción de Thousand Foot Krutch que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Welcome to the Masquerade.

Letra 'Already Home'

The trouble with truth is it never lies
And the trouble with wrong's
That it's never right
So I rest my head under Your light
The trouble with peace, is it never fights
And the trouble with love's
That it's always blind
I want to walk to the edge of it
Tonight, and I fall down

I am on my knees
'Cause You're everything I need
And I've made a mess of myself
On my own
Now I am on my face
And I'm calling out Your name
Ad I won't run away
'Cause I'm already home

The trouble with tears is that they dry
And the trouble within
Made me wanna cry
I've never felt so much like I'm alive
I wanna open my eyes and see Your face
If I have to wait a thousand days
I'll still be right here, right next to You
And I fall down

And I know I haven't always been
Where You wanted me
I'm standin' here, arms out
Broken down
Before You

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