Keke Palmer

Letra de la canción

Huuhuuhuuhuuhuuhuuhuuhuu [Continues To Repeat]

[Verse 1:]
Somp People Don't Really Know What It Means
To Be Hood.
They Think Ur Just A Stuffler And Ur Up To Know Good.
They Think These Brothers Don't Know Nothing
Else But Bling And White Tees.
And They Think That All These Women Can Do Is
Somebody's Weave
They Think We're Hustlers, Gangsters, And Goons Riding By
But Be Easy With Your Mouth, Cuz U Dont Know Nuthin
Bout, The Life That Gets Lived, The Struggles We Deal.
Its Hard Some Days Man, If You Feel Me Then Say:

[Chorus: x2]
Yes I'm Hood
Dont Speak On It If You Dont Know What It Means
I Was Raised In The Hood
Overcame In The Hood
Not Ashamed Of The Hood, Cuz The Hood Is In Me.

Everybody Put Your Hands Up And Rep The Hood.
If You Wanna You Can Stand Up, I Know Its Good,
Dont Be Ashamed Of The Hood,
Be In The Change In The Hood,
Aint Nuthin Strange Bout The Hood Itz In Everybody

[Verse 2:]
No Matter What You Do They'll Never See Us No Different.
No Matter What We Accomplish __________
We Gettin Honors For Grammys, Billboard Chart Toppers,
Thought They Could Stop Us But We Still Got An Oscar.
They Can Give It Up Because We Thinkin Bout
Them And Thats A Wrap. Its A Movement, Baby,
And It Aint No Stoppin That
So Imma Keep Doin Me, I Hope You Keep Doin You,
We're Look Out For One Another,
At The End Of The Day I'm Still Hood

[Chorus x2]


[Verse 3:]
I Dont Matter If You Got Some Hood In Your Blood,
It Don't Make You Any Less, Represent It Like, What?
It Dont Matter It Makes You More Real Then The Rest.
People Think Its Disrespect, But Consider It A Blessing.
Cuz You Grew Up On Another Side
So The World With A Different Eye, People Dont Realize,
So We Learn To Appreciate The Little Things,
Or The Joy Life Brings, Aint Nuthin Wrong Wit Bein Hood.

[Chorus: Repeats Util Song Fades Out]
fuente: musica.com

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Keke Palmer
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