María Isabel

I met a boy in summer
very cute boy who lives in milan
a smile and deep brown skin
so hard to resist
knows what he is talking
leads me brings me sing to me and makes me laugh
when autumn breezes come
after the summer he had to go
I said before leaving the ear
it would feel (again)
not like the boy who can say no (I love)
I promised and sworn to return
to take me forever to pa
that the heart keeps me pa mi solito

I met a boy
we die for my bones
I met a boy
pormetido me to heaven
I met a boy
that really is baloney
I met a kid
I called at all hours
I say hopscotch
and I want to take ...
my hair is like gold
and my eyes are treasures that I have q steal ...
I received a message on my mobile
which says that dreams of being here
that could not hug with kisses
dies and can not live
sitting here on the beach watching the moon
in the place I kiss
throw coins in the air
I ask you again soon bring me your love
boy all I need is to think about my (again)
yq me back tomorrow and go back to say (I love you)
all the things you said yesterday
they've left me so sad after
I want to go escuxa pa mi solito

early this morning
has come a long letter mu
dated in milan
accompanied by a bouquet of flowers
Good News and pa mi solito
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María Isabel

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