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The Thermals

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EVERYTHING THERMALS es una canción de The Thermals del año 2003, este tema está incluido dentro del disco No Culture Icons.


'Everything Thermals'

Yeah, everything Thermals
Straight from the pages of your journal
I know nobody's ever seen it
The Thermals know all your secrets

Yeah, everything Thermals
Born in an outer space wormhole
Brought to life by the big bang
Traveled to Earth in a Dodge van

The Thermals go right to your head
The Thermals have sex in your bed
Everything in circles

Yeah, everything Thermals
They come in 4 shades of purple
Some are tight, some have trousers
Some have pictures of flowers
They are The Thermals
They guarantee life eternal
They only need skin and bones
And a sweet pair of headphones
The Thermals don't need drugs to have a good time
The Thermals need drugs just to stay alive
Everything in circles
Yeah, everything