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We are so similar, so similar, sometimes they seem,
but my day to day survival, so similar,
so big and so small, just different,
but more like what you see with the naked eye, 90% of my ...

Yeah yeah, this is Porta! (Yeah!), The golden man
(90% of my eres tu, no Zpu truco.Son Porta, yeah!)
this is my heart, my soul.

Because 90% of me is you,
Soma in the beat, and dropping words Zpu Porta,
rap're everything, almost everything to me, the only thing that makes me happy
my only reason pa 'exist, ¿pa' to lie?.
Live for a cause, for my rap music,
my muse live only in my music box,
What would I be without you?, That would be 10%,
I think rap even without being awake, awake.
You're part of me, I k I feel myself
I do not care to be alone With you with me,
my only friend who is always there to listen,
all I have around when I want an apology.
The rap is used to relieve, heart pen and paper,
going into constant damage, and escape my prison
feelings that are beyond your reach, like a cancer,
rap for pleasure, from dawn to dusk.
No one and nothing can destroy me never,
With you with me, pa 'I'm going to ask for more?,
you make me be so distinct from all those people,
I'm so weak, but then you make me be strong.
Perhaps more than 90% of me is rap,
what most characterizes my personality,
my music box, my life revolves around her,
when I wear the helmets, I touch the stars.
Resting on the clouds, talking to the moon,
I'm happy as a baby on her cot,
I am a collector of emotions, what is this feeling?,
rap passion, I was born with rap, written in my heart.
I am a difficult person to understand,
I invite you to know me, will you do?, listen
rap and be a person is what makes me a whole self,
because together we make 90 one hundred percent

[Chorus] (x2)
I'm so close, you live what I live
feel what I perceive, I,
I agree with you on this train, I am a friend
your lost time is mine, my motive in this walk,
is that you are your my ninety per cent. (x2)

If I feel that is 90% which I share,
if I fight my headquarters and resides in my room
I am like you, if I fall I get up and no problem
my theme is rap by the system, raise such humble things.
Put the accent marks in incredible stories,
tell him that everything is different now cries,
in better times and cry, cry a little good,
but just out to the store.
And who? Pa I'm changing, I think as you do,
and that line separates us from being monsters
My first step is not where, perhaps to 91,
certainly me, but I'm not sure
Maybe I flow with the pace because I could not do better,
growing old, lame less than what I have,
What does it matter?, A nuance that a Mazda,
I'm unhappy without it, and half because I console myself enough.
Because it is more than enough, millions ask for help,
if a blurry world, you put eye drops
not healthy, put a candle,
if death is tomorrow, and life miserable,
are 92 of my soul, delirium, and cold.
Vérseme clearer, but the distance grows,
I also gave some punks clubs,
What matters?, I share with my Porta 93
and low in my mind as at Pentecost.
My sport is still uncertainty with my notes,
without a turkey in the reserve, but on grass
result of hard, I brought my 95 to your city,
if offending is not wanted, claims to need.
Which is felt, by the Tegucigalpa everyone suffers,
because this congestion is not exceeded with Espidifen,
fantastic places to visit and you will know
where if you look sunny beaches, but no bread.
The rest is what I keep, what keeps me sane,
I take what I feel and what I lose,
are only memories of another life almost, and long ago,
little different, almost all share.
So happy, so sick as you can be,
so full of disgust how the world I breathe,
but I feel that I care is sentencing Dulzes saves me,
5% that is saved.

[Chorus] (x2)
I'm so close, you live what I live
feel what I perceive, I,
I agree with you on this train, I am a friend
your lost time is mine, my motive in this walk,
is that you are your my ninety per cent. (x2)

Yeah, more than it seems, my man Porta,
that is, no trick, 2.00.7, Man Of Gold
more than it seems, less than you think ...


El 90 % de mi eres tu


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