Mc Davo

Although sometimes you feel alone , as there is a micro support
in this life you have everything you acuerdate you can count on my support
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It all started since I can remember , exempt in history and
I wanted to make history aside , alone afternoon, looking forward to writing
for relief , the same reasons that today dialogue with notepads ,
started for fun , no prototype , no equipment,
every good song comes from the heart of a nice guy
that causes envy gossip , the critic ,
tell you that you're not real if you do not throw a political f*** ! ,
people that suck me do not worry,
I hope to be in the moment to occupy me ,
if all goes perperfecto maybe buy a minicooper ,
Meanwhile Sunday ire with my head to the supermarket,
there are problems, extreme measures are taken ,
is what I face but still feels creams,
life is hard sometimes and it is normal subjects,
and am acuerdate god if you play with fire you get burned ,



comes the moment a respite from the soul draws near ,
by commitment to relax in quiet,
be siemprefeliz and ignore anything,
to smile and remember what was done in a previous step ,
the fresh breeze respaldava every smile ,
continue in effect for the hip- hop my fanaticism ,
shout to everyone I remain true to myself ! ,
that there will Hedera for fashion today is for clothes,
the good thing about all this is , feel proud lady,
showed me mui well as use that broom,
problems openly and there are many,
bastards thanks for all your advice and listen ,
sorry but maybe I will continue here because repented ? ,
calm them bastards because then , I will tell you .


What I feel , what I have ,
is something unique , something fantastic ,
a sense of my thoughts thousands
everything I say is what I live and it is true ,
live in a desert when you 're by my side,
is as beautiful as taking your girlfriend 's hand ,
you do not understand what I feel ,
disoriented and go live in jumping events ,
but no matter I give them what they ask me ,
one more story that happened to my life ,
and it is true what you like it is all my music with good quality,
take your time enjoying a slow day,
pasandotela well in the heat and wind,
and my apartment is what helps me ,
a kiss given with love and tenderness yyy

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Mc Davo

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