This is the final night, boys. We are the cracks in diamond
walls. I tried to illuminate but the shadows kill. I'm overshadowed.
See how
I blend in with nothing? Now beautiful boys, let's destroy.
We'll shine as
the lucite breaks and falls. Raise the new glitter god with
the golden tears- the
tears that swallow. A smile that's touched so warms nothing.

Yesterday I burnt the sky, looked to the ground and
wrapped it around me. Still today I have so much
to burn. Yesterday I longed to die, fell to the ground,
and the ground caught me. Now today I question why I fell.
Deities fell to decoys, tainting what's pure. Let's cleanse them all.

Infinite life reclaimed, as the shadows kill they are
overshadowed. Well burn as they fade into nothing.
So what can help me to understand, somehow,
why it always pains me to breathe?
We're no longer confined because yesterday
I burnt the sky.
fuente: musica.com


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