Letra de la canción

You gotta live where it feels right
Right in the full sense it's all about sight
Sight of the city sight of your friends
Friends complement the city to a nice blend

Down around here We go and Keep things nice
We sweep out those who take interest in a fight
Down around here The music plays an uppity beat
Than a trumpet plays a saxophone plays It's nice
Basement windows boom out the sounds
Of beats where our women love to be spun around
'Round here people got their art on check
Well have you be a poet painter or just give respect

Keep Listenin'

Down around here We read what Bukowski wrote
Down 'round here We think ska music is dope
We crowd the stereo We pass the smoke slow
We pull our women closer for our love for them to show

Society we've analyzed
Humanity we've terrorized
Philosophy we've memorized

There's no way No way
I'm doing anything The way the city feels today

It's getting hot Getting hot outside
Bust out the fan baby Everything feels nice

Down around here positive minds meet
Plotting dreams into plans that manifest into beats
Well here you got a problem speak it coolly and calmly
'Cause we're supporting those with evolved mentalities
Boston here fluent in Stroll
The people's confidence is full in control

You'll find me at 42 longitude 71 latitude
Only European-style city in the U.S. man
It's arguable

Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill my worn out sneaks
Just hanging out on rooftops un-caged and free

Down around here One mic is a studio
Visions and talent glow Minds and music grow

Labeling we've downsized Music we re-stylized
Self expression's never compromised

Letra añadida por: patheticxstupid

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