The Right Ons

Letra de la canción

It took some time, but now we’re there
In this city you’ll never feel ashamed
So let’s walk around shinny heartless buildings
That’s New York
Get your boots on again
Tonight baby we’re honoured guests
We’ll be around
Silver dusty city of New York
And if you feel it’s not warm enough
Let me take off those fancy clothes
We’ll dance around neon lights and gutters
That’s New York

Up 14th st. Lou said: “Now in L.A. is getting late”
But we don’t have to rush
Thieves and hookers, traffic lights
I kind of love this city of New York
Old New York
You’re gonna love this city of New York
Old New York

Wipe that smirk off your face and walk out the door
Pack up your staff and sing
Ready for the show?

Letra añadida por: barbolon

The Right Ons
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