Jeremy Camp


All the people that I see
How they search so desperately
All I want, all I need, is
for you to give to me
A heart for those who need to
know how much you care
I see the hurting come everyday
And I just need you to, yeah

Burden me with the weight that you love me
Burden me with your plan
Burden me with the message
that you've given me
Burden me here I am

Well this purpose within me
How it burns so fervently
All I know, all I see are these
souls in front of me
Searching for the glimpse of hope for eternity
I see the hurting come everyday,
I search for the answer
And I just need you to, yeah


All these faces right in front of me
Have a sense of urgency
To bring the truth to this
Broken generation on their knees
So I ask you, so I pray,

Chorus (2x)

Burden me, here I am, yeah
Here I am, here I am, here I am

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