Mc Sida

Letra de la canción

is the Sida
to sandra
and this says so

Time against time
and the winner is your reflection
in my time there
since I'm no longer

I get bad memories
it has what I face
your always there estubiste
In the difficult moments

I remember when we met
glances of hatred that crossed my path
when this child did not deserve to be with you fool
when you hate me you know what I mean I

my friend made me hated
but you found yourself a thousand words
truths that even I in this
waiting time

just listened to everything they talked.
remember the time we left
crazy quote that you and I live together
those first roses
which marked my destiny
and that he loved red face

and without prejudice
continued to spend time
the time we left
here have stayed inside.

got off a truck
for this beautiful game
todabia phone calls that I feel
well-marked words
that have not yet led to the wind

caresses of your hands
that have not deleted this time
and kisses that have been well reflected in my breath
I still have that feeling
that you both felt

crazy wherever
and a candle
with that big rock that served us that day
memories of that dinner, I rejoice with dia dia

ase almost a year since you left my life
I have a thousand melancholy of that cruel farewell
I remember that those were tears of mine

We both embrace
holding hands
and no option
We take and we cried

The story ends
the magic is just
and my heart is in little pieces partio
and until now only remains desirte
mil gracias por todo

because thanks to you I have ceased to be alone
knowledge love
thanks heart
occupy my all
occupy my reason

you were my addiction
I do not deny him
never forget
woman thank you very much

I love you well know
I always remember you
now live your life
I have to understand

those no longer with me
devo recognize
I do not forget eh
I still remember you
but thank you very much
so that you and I spent

estamos en contacto
We keep talking
I keep missing you but I know nothing gained
now I regret letting you go
if not too late pa 'to repeat

As we live together
so together we
say that we love even once more
tired of dreaming
the false reality

I want on my side
I no longer suffer more
I loved you, I love you and do not want to leave
I keep waiting for the day to see you again
dream that one day
ya no te perdere
stay with me as you always should be.

Letra añadida por: ninnia.fztq.lo0pe

Mc Sida
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