Letra de la canción

Hello, how do you feel your
Since we are not going gas, either remove the light
Improved transportation, wages rose
Prices fell and the RAP and promoted it.
The laws favor us, Cezan needs
Our special forms of pensa nobody invades
Black by hotels can go to hotels
And when you tell the truth and nobody piñazo ground.

Cubans do not stay abroad,
And steal and you can have what we want q
The national currency is above the euro
And not only the children, see the cartoonnetwork skewers.
People do not argue, do not kill
No tail and when no one is abused
Q is not corrputo be descertor
Products are known, and differentiate the just and the unjust.

A taste we're all in our nation
Q For the love of the president in each ---
There is more than one option to get ahead
And to succeed not have q be a care glove.
Since travel is normal,
And people do not suffer more with a family lost q ---
The abuses became extinct and of course in the sea
Many young people no longer die trying to emigrate

The chimbatos are blind deaf and can not speak
The laws come from the people not the minister and the FARC
Amar is so common mourn q is odd
In the neighborhood there are many parties when the new year arrives.
The chamas riding bicycles and used games,
And the neighbor does not care if you go with the new air
Eggs are free polas not lie used
And any fat you erraciona q air you breathe.
No pollution, and the aunt of Maleton
Q was selling manis is enontro in chorrera a million,
Lots of communication between parents and children
and Christ got tired of being stuck in the Crucifix.

And it is a difficult dream to achieve,
But why are we going to stop fighting,
Q Do not give way to go even Qbd
And this for the people will change someday.
All this I dreamed about my pillow company
And woke up saying q rich is everything q is nothing wrong
There fantasia if I catch you
--- In a blink of an eye.

They legalized marijuana,
Inoscentes never felt the weight of a cana
By havana way and respects me
For like a dungeon will not give away the goal,
No guns sounded, enemies embraced
Women for money your body is not delivered
Manes not jineteaban or foreign asedeaban
Ceased to be a drain port the business.

A way was found, the mind is freed
In the district is studied, criminals have just
In - No patients bitterness term
They found the cure for AIDS
Cowards do not swear or stand around looking lios
Concepts and Principles returned the empty
Money is compartdo equally,
The fandito and sibonei share their homes
Q The truth is worth the town and state unite
They returned that freedom had removed q
Everyone is entitled to that immense peace
Being expected future for the Cuban begins.

The press speaks my bn
And my mother had put me, I know q MC
Now here s no conscription,
and my super neighbor I get boyfriend.


Letra añadida por: JeffMC


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