Raise The Symbols Of Satan del álbum 'Through Thick Fog Till Death'

Raise The Symbols Of Satan


La canción 'Raise The Symbols Of Satan' se estrenó en 2003. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Through Thick Fog Till Death


Upon mankind weakness I choose not to follow
The tragic book of lies don't tempt my soul hollow
Upon the cross you wear I see your thousand fears
The churches burn tonight, so cry your searing tears

Lust for death
Flesh for the beast, Satanic feast

On the unholy election I am the chosen one
I must collect the five triangles
Of the sharp edged pentagram
Its our deadly weapon through war and desecration
Support our gruesome terror and sadistic violence

Lust for death
Flesh for the beast, Satanic feast

I choose to bear this burden
Upon mankind's funeral

Oh hear the discord of doom is near
Riding the damnation march

When stars hide their fire and the moon is dead
My soul of dark desire, my time has come for carnage
Triangles five fulfill me
Two horns inflames the night
The devil sears inside me
I have unlocked the gate: of Hell

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