Imogen Heap

'Earth' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Ellipse.


Baby behave we'll make it work
Are you with me?

You're not golden and I'm getting tired
Act like you own the place when really you've only just arrived
I caught first glimmers in hides and skins
Look who's all grown up, black swanning about the solar winds

You're gonna lose it alland find yourself on your knees
So get a grip and you might flow reverse the great slow bleed
I've tried patience but you always want a war
This house won't tolerate anymore

Stop this right away
Put that down and clean this mess up
End of conversation
Put your back in it and make it up to me now

The cold shoulder, folded arms, the looking up
You've never listened and carry on careless regardless
This is not a fire drill and if we hold any hope
It's harmonic connection, in stereo symbiosis

These Legoland empires choking out mine
Now you're everywher, everywhere multiplying aroune me child
A strain on my heart
This rock can't tolerate anymore

Do you love me?

Get only what you give back