Fall Out Boy

'7-9 legendary' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Unreleased/Demos.


i got that midnight tennis elbow
the solitaire rug burn
took a turn (an ace up my sleeve)
(so to speak)
i want to choke (you)
and get sick off of you like secondhand smoke
ya got me sweating like Calcutta nights
such a sweet epiphany
i am a wing
i am a prayer
a thimble and an acorn
a promise from a poor apocathary- to an understudy in love forlorn
ill give you heatstroke
i'm getting you and i'm losing me
wed get legendary lil darlin, uh huh lil darlin
but i've got a nomadic head
i love ya but i've caught the doom and the dread

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