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My poor heart

my poor heart
no longer endure this pain
no longer hold this fear
of being alone and unloved
since you are not

Oh my poor heart
no longer bear to be without you
(hold on no longer be without you)
was left alone to die
and slowly leaving feeling

And this love
a winter stay
feeling the chill of your goodbye
but I want to recover
what product you already lost hope
to say I love you
and by you I'm dying
volvere this feeling not to live

And although unwilling
I'll wait my whole life
and will fight against the death penalty
and my poor heart can not be without you

Oh my poor heart has decided to be so
leaving behind all suffering
that has caused me the feeling
that ti senti

that you have chosen another love
the symbol of treason
so I will banish you from my heart
so I want you out of my mind
and that you feel the regret
have kicked the feeling
remained in my
Better not come back
and I look no more problems
leave me alone in this grief
that and my poor heart can not be so

My poor heart goes crazy and unloved
For only express my feelings without fear

My lady and I love you
you gift the world
That's why I say
I love you and I wish you

My poor heart goes crazy and unloved

Suffering the agony
a hard treason
So here I wait
to give you what I want
And it is not exactly
a pure and sincere love
Playing with my feelings
sunk in shame
burn is feeling the agony blind
This immense love
mivida was yesterday and today is my torment

Ohh my poor heart can not be so ...
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Letra añadida por: wileidyssore

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