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In the world there is an alone equal person to me.
It is my ... uncontrollable personality
my second sense of the heart will demonstrate you...
That if you want it sees for the beach...

The girls of nowadays put on pretty sweaters,
go out to walk along the beach
with his beach one...
With his blackberry to the side of the waist,
or but it is placed between his hands

* Chorus:
They read messages,
speak for telephone chat on clothes,
go to all sides
don't eat,
not smile,
don't cry,
do not suffer
everything it is a question:
Of being the best...

They use the crystals of the Sun
his skin shine in the great toaster
they are superficial,
nothing of them they are natural
believe that his reflection is a model to continuing.
They believe that they know fashion,
but they follow the whole foot
of the letter Indeed,
put what to them comments on others.
The mode exists in the taste of each one.
In agreement to the colors, they walk his wallet.
They have mauses instead of pets,
are tiny, defenseless, and stupid dogs.
They bark with voice of woodpecker,
and if you put them in the soil, the legs break...


You want to be like they...
To meet like they...
So, the perfection does not exist (you don't belive)
Be superficial, speak as an idiot.
Believe yourself better than the rest,
Purchase up to dying...
And the better: It tries to be unique

lalalalalala...(that's right)

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Britney Spears
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