More you understand del álbum 'Australia'

More you understand

Howie Day

La canción 'More you understand' se estrenó en 2000. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Australia

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"More You Understand"

1000 years ago today
We as two would be the same
I'd fall for you
Customized relationships
Do you feel the same about
Your flirt with love
And your certainty

The CIA wouldn't bother you
They would always know the truth
They'd never know who came
And I would fall 1000 miles
And you would fall fast to denial

The more you are
The more you need
The more you understand
The more you understand
The more you know
The more you feel
The more you understand

The sentiments are screaming out
The felony of who's left out
It's not you
You for me - me for you
We can always follow through
This makeshift date
But why give up your love

The way it goes
Call her name
Do you ever feel the same
And do you know who came
A year ago 1000 miles
How far away we are to smile
Too far gone to save

You'll know
The CIA is after you
What the hell is there to do but run
We made
A promise to eternity
Tucked away for you to see
On you're way you'll be
Baffled by relationships
Psyched up for the major lift
What you want to say
You're caught to blame
They erased your name
We will always be the same
The same

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