Legion Of The Serpent del álbum 'Planetary Duality'

Legion Of The Serpent LETRA

The Faceless

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'Legion Of The Serpent' se estrenó en 2008. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Planetary Duality

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Bring forth the commencing days
An infernal saurian nemesis appears
The keepers of Earth
Inferior minions of draconian descent
Enforcing the rules of the ancient covenant
Blazing orb of the sun
Beating on a helpless Earth
The serpentine order shall no longer hide
The dimensional doors bring the gods to their side
Warm-blooded sacrifice to appease the thirst of the creatures who've hidden for so long
A servant of the omni-dimensional
Tall and strange bloodthirsty sentinels
Sent to possess the hybrid creation
Dimensional domination
Keepers of the doorway between worlds
Patrons of destruction
Planters of ignorance
Breeders of malevolence
Sorcerers of possession

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