Co-Dependence Day del álbum 'Cokie the Clown'

Co-Dependence Day


La canción 'Co-Dependence Day' se estrenó en 2009. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Cokie the Clown


I haven’t got anymore excuses
We’ve gone way past alcohol abuses
It’s too late
We gotta celebrate co dependence day

Self-caused affliction
Magnified with chemical addiction
We got a date
We gotta celebrate co dependence day

Veteran role-player
You’re the addict done with the enabler
You wanna play?
Let’s make every day co dependence

See some doves
It gets clearer
That it’s just like looking in a mirror
Celebrate our disarray on co dependence day

With fireworks and power lines
I turn to mount
Red feathered minds
January first through New Year’s Eve
We seem to spend

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