Canción 'Breathe' del disco 'Take Me To Your Leader' interpretada por Newsboys

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BREATHE es una canción de Newsboys del año 1996, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Take Me To Your Leader.



Tuesday the third,
I'll call this entry \"Mistake\"
Cheap imitation
My life feels like a fake
A people person
Some days people annoy me
I'm growing edgy
Wednesday's title: \"Avoid Me\"

Breathe on me
Breathe oh Breath of God
Breathe on me
'Til my heart is new
Breathe on me
Breathe oh Breath of Life
Breathe on me
'Til I love like You do

Thursday, the fifth
I title \"Drivers Beware\"
And I don't really care
I gave 'til I bled
You laughed when I fainted
Don't want to live this life
Bitter and tainted