El indio sinuao
en inglés

Alfredo Gutiérrez

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EL INDIO SINUAO es una canción de Alfredo Gutiérrez.


El indio sinuao (en inglés)

I am pure of Indian sinú
I 'm Indian flat , and tiny cholo
this land is my land
the sky is my sky.

Ami came home one day the Spanish
Forum and my father appropriated
and the grave of my grandfather
as guaca explored ( Bis )

And my land away from my hands
I was stripped to my brothers
sheltered from the winds
relegated to the swamps ( Bis )

And my name forever destroyed
their names were baptized my people
the chimazo by Rodrigues
the Arache , by sanchez ( Bis )

Many things that whites think of them
are the result of the race and my grandparents
as the bun, the hicotea
iguana egg , and hat ( Bis )

And my story told backwards
few things left me to serve
and only one left of my race
I used to tease me .

Indian long hair cholo
large dining stifle
crab pickers
mat maker
with its flat nose
his cheekbones sticking out
with its medium size meter
and sprained ankles

Hey white warn you if Mr.
yes sir
my race again as the sun
to color the cheeks painted
pa to instill fear and trembling you

because this land is my land
because the sky is my heaven ( Bis )

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