Black Demon - Aetherius Obscuritas

Black Demon

Aetherius Obscuritas

Letra, canción


'Black Demon'

Ancient warriors, troops of hell
Demon commands, parsons to fell
Ironbound horse, twinkling gaze
Marching to win, black laws to raise
Satan's army, shields and swords
Crying "Deliverance", raising their lords
Barking sleuthhounds on the parsons trail
Lucifer's warriors are bringing their gale

Hell troops conquer, burning the church
Raising hellfire, satanic rules to urge
Reaper takes, commander's black
The living deads at his back

Deliverance, Black demon
Breaking the trance, Black demon
Exposing the evil, Black Demon
To that bastards lethal, Black demon

Heart of iron, he scorns the priest
Satan he serves, sanctifies the beast
He drinks the venom, desecrates the shrine
Dethroning god, leaving his mortal sign
Satanic lord takes away the scourge
He frees all mankind from the church
Condemns the moral, raises the sin
Revenging the tortured and the loosers win