The Pleasure in Suffering - Merciless Homicide

Merciless Homicide

Putrid Pile


Merciless Homicide Letra

eager inside
anticipation is killing me
i've seen this before but it was just in my dreams
unleash death mercilessly, homicide
sodomy, i f*** your limbless torso and
carve up your chest
the clotted blood gives texture to your death
can't cum inside, i'll save that for your face
at last the wait is over
grab you by your pretty hair
pull your face close to me
watching as the camera stares
releasing all my man seed
man seed
fuc*** frenzy
commence to gouging out your eyes
so lifeless and so blue
erect again
time to try out my new f*** holes
embrace the ecstasy
rise satisfied
content with my work
insane butchery
morbid masterpiece

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