Disco 'The Pleasure in Suffering' (2005) al que pertenece la canción 'Caged And Awaiting Death'

Caged And Awaiting Death

Putrid Pile


Blood and feces fill your mouth
I stare into your eyes
The image that sticks with me
Is the horrified look before you die!
Stab through your heart that's black as night
Excravating your eyeballs, the sockets to be used as
Reservoirs for my semen
The perfect drink for when my slaves are thirsty
Lap it up like a fuc*** dog!
The beauty of having these slaves is simple
They're here to humiliate and sell for cash
But mostly mine for killing
I violate their bodies
I take great pleasure in watching them choke on urine
These unsespecting women have been,
Snatched away from the world
Beaten black and blue they're thrown in cages
Left to sit in shit and piss and the occasional pile of vomit
Throbbing asses dripping semen
Cunts sliced up beyond recognition
These unsuspecting women have been
Snatched away from the world
All that will remain are bones
And memories of them pleading for mercy
Death is just the begginging for these "nothings"
I won't stop 'till their carcass' are hollow
Internal organs strewn across the floor
It's the fate all of the others will follow

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