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Como nace el universo
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Gloria Trevi


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you have paid attention that some times
the moon leaves by day but
the sun never leaves at night. you know so that?

there are times that the single one
speaks to him to the moon
and the moon that adores it goes
with leaves secretly at night
because the night has prohibited
him that becomes to see with.
and it is that the sun you never have
good intentions gives the face to the
night is a vagabond, capricious adventurer
and is a crazy person who single hara
to cry but the moon who does not
understand of reasons leaves
but the sun is going away to put
the Czech always from distant spot she
sends to thousand kisses she to him
if choir wants or {to it} because the
moon as no wants it and the moon
as no this with because the moon as
no is given to him and faced to him which
is single the moon as no wants it or.
there are times that the sun speaks
to him to the moon and leaves llege her
until and make the eclipse burns it,
she is left is given to him without
concerning the one to him that diran but
in the end the sun always leaves it when
it has desire spoke to him while it holds
the reproaches at night because the moon
dara to light of as much loving.
and the night tried to hide it to the
universe and to the space that her
daughter went to sin sim palidecera embargo
the night and the Earth was illuminated
when choir is born stars blessing of God to
the love of the moon by the sun {}
is no planet that wants so much to the
sun nor that leaves by day like the moon
driven crazy by love.
of the moon by the sun.

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