Canción 'Torment' del disco 'Massive Brutality' interpretada por My Darkest Hate

Torment Letra

My Darkest Hate

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TORMENT es una canción de My Darkest Hate del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Massive Brutality.

Letra 'Torment'

walking, the ebony
all is lost
will we be free
breaking into a realm
eternity, all condemned
faceless, they disappear
no one, will nothing hear
darkness, forever free
we'll come back,
the end we'll see

now, feel, war

coming, home again
from the war
lost many friends
day in, day out we saw
cruelty without a law
waking up every night
see their faces
an endless fight
brutality, in my head
cnsciousness, will we be mad

now, feel, war

now I see the agony in their eyes
forever listening to the painful helpless cries
fallen ones, will they be released
from their fault, endless hypocrisy

get their lifes
born to die
i will see
true agony

torment, my eyes will see
gateway into reality
torment, my eyes will see
gateway into reality


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