Hey sexy lady,
What’s up?
I don’t know anything,
About you!

Less talk, more dance,
I have now,
A good view,
You’re my view,
You’re my girl,
Mine and anyone else!

Hey sexy lady,
Give me a chance,
To know,
If you are my type,
I want you in,
My heart,
And I,
Want to be you’re blue prince…

Hey Any,
You are beautiful,
I want you in my life,
You’re my dream,
You’re my wish,
I wish can have you!

Girl, girl, girl,
I’ll be your sunshine,
You can be mine,
I spend my holy life,
Looking for you…
I want you in my life,
Please come with me!

Hey sexy baby,
I want to be with you,
My holy life,
I want to wake up,
In your arms!
But our destiny
Is with chains,
Our destiny is separated!

God know what is he doing,
But I ask to myself,
Did he really…

Know how much I want you in my life,
Hey lady,
Hey baby,
My love is like the sea!

I will give my heart,
To death,
If I don’t found you,
I will give my soul,
To god,
If I get you!

Hey sexy lady,
Hey sexy baby,
Hey lady,
Hey baby,
Hey sexy lady,
Hey sexy baby,
Hey lady,
Hey baby!

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