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Como Hippie

Another day I wake up staring
with headache without any alternative
my feet drift and my mind is concentrated
you have to go forward even though the view is tired

I'm positive everything I do I try to do well
'm harmful to the bitterness and depends on who
I'm always 100 and more when there is something to do
and I think today is a good day to be better than yesterday

Women want to tell you that you look good in that dress
peda remember yesterday ? and I will not be so lost
is that things are as they happen and happen as
the want to take you on the beach or in the dome

and we so we are despite what happens
I have a different world to the walls of my house
to me nothing threatens me for I take it light
compis few beers and some music and scream ay

Fay yells life and not to be scorpion
I'm a good person but sometimes not answer eagerness
I'm not very much or as just what to
but sometimes to me it rains sobremojado

come rain , shine or snow I do what I have to do
step on the days before my pass them on
I let my lyrics on good tracks Lanzen
and smiled until my cheeks get tired

and if if I 'm positive as Hippie
and always come back focused on my _______
life is good today only have to take them
and not let it run out run out run out problems

Thousands of problems for which there is to be exhausted
life is about to fall and then rise
I have a father and a mother cool tender
a sister and an eternal family gorrosa

problems are hooks to the liver that hurt
but without them the only experience would come on TV
my days are triple xl but where to stop
and as said Arjona : Today Is A Good Day To Start

problems in society have always existed
just not as often and not nearly as exhibited
if I metiendole 100 100 to each routine
smile because amidst storm is medicine

and so tell your neighbor to get positive
that life as I can metia stones and the elusive
I bring this song as an anti -depressant
all women are beautiful no matter the reason

because that things are better and enjoy
every second of your life singing by these routes
just so you know the absolute joy
Day after day a new dawn is to the dispute

and without anybody suggest you discuss this recipe
Smile at anyone and your life will be complete
this is like a marathon you have to reach the goal
I relax I spend with my leady on my planet

and if if I 'm positive as Hippie
and always come back focused on my _______
life is good today only have to take them
and not let it run out run out run out problems

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