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When The Lights Go Out



Why should it take us such a long, long time?
Why should we wait?
How could we form a line?
Well I'm not crying, but the face I'm in
It sees indifference as a mortal sin
It's not as if I knew
That this would come, and come so soon
No, of course I'm not about to change
But everytime the lights go out
All I ever see is you.
Something I would change but I don't know how
And I play quiet to the house I'm in
It's in this silence that these things begin to bend
To turn around
It makes more sense, without the sound
It's everthing my head can't hold
Questions I refuse to ask
The things I wish I'd done by now
Things that should've long since passed
And please don't leave right now
I couldn't bear it
To live our seperate lives, when we could share it
And I know it's never been like that
But everytime the lights go out
I hope that you will finally see
That things are gonna change but they won't right now