'I Don't Wanna Wait' de SOJA (Born In Babylon)

I Don't Wanna Wait


'I Don't Wanna Wait' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Born In Babylon.


They say "way back when
Knew how" but theres nothing
Telling you now just to
Do your right and not your
Wrong, when wrong is easy, and
Right is hard, and
We've all got our weaknesses
And only you know what yours is
But your "tomorrows" are all
That seem to escape from
Your lips...

But I don't wanna wait today
For something, that might never
Ever show it's face again
A promise that I've heard too
Much already, to me,
It seems ridiculous to trust
In all of your games you play.
It's 1 life, 1 world, 1 chance
And I don't wanna wait

Moving forward to right now
A government that let us down
A racist leader no one trusted
An army that's bigger than us and
A poverty on a global scale
A fragile world with
Fragile air and fragile water
I'm sure they'll put off
Till tomorrow...

I'm skipping forward to the
Ending, to that point all too
Impending, to that moment
That all this stops, that one day
When that botton drops
And we remember our voices,
We had our chance, and we
Had our choices, but
Time is luxury we as a
People night not no longer afforel
There's not enough tome
You know I've got a lote on my ming
I colud reach the end of the line
No, I'm not fine
It's nor for me, I'm done with
All your games, I realize now
That I don't wanna wait

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