Atrévete a Soñar

Amigos del corazón
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Atrévete a Soñar


Amigos del corazón Letra

I want you to tell me
I follow you wherever you go
we are friends
friends of the heart.

And if you have a problem
if something sorrowful
always be your friends
friends of the heart.

To help you feel, the better
to leave behind the pain,
that in good
and bad I am ...

Dude, give me a hug I ask
that all is not lost
it is a better world.

Friend, follow the road
to reach the destination
not to drop the rudder
thick and thin, friend!
against all that is, friend!
friends of the heart.

Datos de esta canción

AMIGOS DEL CORAZÓN es una canción de Atrévete a Soñar. Agradecemos a jessik lok =) por haber sudido la letra de Amigos del corazón (en inglés).